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Custom Designed
Steel Shooting Targets

Targets Available For:

  • Cowboy Action Shooters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tactical Shooters
  • All Gun Enthusiasts

Take aim and fire at custom steel shooting targets from our company in Osakis, Minnesota. Targets provided by Custom Steel Targets are made of the highest quality materials and can withstand shots from any handgun or rifle. Use our targets to improve your accuracy, speed, and maneuvering of your weapon. Contact us to order steel targets that assist with improving your shooting accuracy.

Plate Rack Target System $399.00

This plate rack comes with six 6' plates made of 3/8" thick steel 50' of reset rope and 3' of chain. That allows the rope to lay on the ground out of the line of fire. Unlike other plate racks on the market witch the plates are not included in the price. The rack is 50 inches wide and 36 inches tall. The bowling pin ,4",5" and 8" plates are optional plates.

Bowling Pin Plate Rack Target System 8 Inch Plate 4 Inch Plate
Dueling Tree

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The standard spinner is made with 3/8" to 1/2" thick steel plates about 5" inches in diameter.When setup is 24" wide about 20" inches tall. There are no tools needed; they can be assembled with two quick clips. Spinners are easily portable and are able to fit in a small car trunk. You can hit These spinners with cowboy action loads as well as 9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP handguns.


Target Stand BracketsTarget stand brackets

This target stand  can be made as big or small as you want it dependes on how long of 2x4's you use. The 2x4's and hanging targets are not included used as a visual aid.

Universal Target SystemUniversal Target System

This system supports a steel plate 1', 2' or 3' off the ground. The uprights also double as the base for the system you can use a standard 1"x2"x8' cut it in half and you now have the supports cardboard style target. You can put two systems together to form a hostage scenario.

The Universal System includes a six inch plate and will accept all plate rack targets and any of the cowboy action style shapes.And another plus is that NO tool are needed to assemble or disassemble the system.


Three Knock-Over TargetsKnock-Overs

Pictured to the right are our knock-over targets.Thickness of steel will range from 3/16 inch to 1/2 thick steel.

- 1/2 Thick

  • 7" - $20.00
  • 6" - $16.00
  • 5" - $12.00

Set of 3: 
- Set Includes 1-5" 1-6" 1-7"

Two Knock-Over TargetsWill handle large caliber handgun or .22 LR.
3/16 thick

  • 5" - $7.50
  • 4" - $5.50
  • 3" - $4.00
  • 2" - $2.00

Set of 4:
- Set includes 1-5" 1-4" 1-3" 1-2"

Due to ever improving designs, target base may be slightly different than pictured.

7 Inch Round Handgun Target 7" Round Handgun Target 

1/2" thick steel  made for non-Magnum handguns.such as 9mm,.40 S&W ,.45ACP& cowboy action loads chains and hardware included.


5 Inch Round Handgun Target5" Round Handgun Target 

1/2" thick steel  made for non-Magnum handguns.such as 9mm,.40 S&W ,.45ACP& cowboy action loads chains and hardware included.


Praire Dog Full Size IPSC Target 6 Inch Plate
10 Inch Plate 12 Inch Plate

AR500 Hanging Plates

These plate are 3/8 thick AR500 with two 1/2 inch square hole this allows the use a 1/2 carriage bolt. When hanging these plates up if you use a longer bolt it will it cause the plate to hang at an angle

  • Praire Dog: 15.00 (Top, Left)
  • Full Size IPSC Target: $180 (Top, Center) 
  • 6" Plate: 17.50 (Top, Right)
  • 8" Plate: 28.00
  • 10" Plate: 35.00 (Bottom, Left)
  • 12" Plate: 42.00  (Bottom, Right)

- Free Shipping on Full Set

8 x 28 Inch Popper Magnum 16 x 27 Inch Popper


Utilize poppers in target practice or competition at your leisure. The standard popper targets are made for non-Magnum handguns.such as 9mm,.40 S&W ,.45ACP& cowboy action loads including shotgun They have a vertical steel plate that drops when hit.

 AR500 steel will handle center fire rifle such as.223, .308 win, 30-06 .

All the poppers have a sensitivity adjustment to for the caliber you're shooting.

Standard Popper

  • 8 inches wide x28 inches tall: $90.00
  • AR500 popper (rifle grade steel): $135.00

About Our Products

We have sold targets to the military,U.S Boarder Patrol,Special Forces. F.B.I. , police deptments Shooting clubs,and many individual shooters around this great country Patents are pending on all of our products. All products can be made

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